Young Bucks Band takes 'em back at Spring Fling

The Young Bucks Band, featuring Ed Jones, of Washington, performed at the annual Spring Fling May 18, hosted by Gena Wade and the city of Laurel Division of Senior Services. Through their musical talents, countless renditions and old school street-corner harmony, they allowed attendees to step back in time, hand dance, line dance, slow dance, sing and simply reminisce about another time, gone but definitely not forgotten.

The Partnership Hall was beautifully decorated by Gena Wade, and guests wore their "spring best" and dined on delicious, mouth-watering and savory foods and assorted beverages prepared by Chef Lavease Briley.

The Young Bucks Band featured Eddie Jones on vocals, Johnnell Gray on keys, Les Campbell on bass, Emmitt Queen on guitar, Russell Lyles on sax, Fred "Jack" Gomillion on drums and Laurel's own Freddie Frazier on percussion and serving as a DJ for the event.

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