City to accept paper bags only for yard debris collections

To support Prince George's County's efforts to go green, the Laurel Department of Public Works will only accept yard debris collections in paper, not plastic, bags, city officials announced today.

Beginning Jan. 1, city residents must place yard debris loose in a collection container or use paper bags. City officials said the county composting facility where Laurel's collections are taken will not accept any yard debris in plastic bags.

City residents will continue to receive free pick up of yard debris, in paper bags, as well as branches tied in bundles or put in a container marked as yard debris.

Any yard debris placed in plastic bags will be collected on residential special pickup days, and homeowners will be charged, city officials said.

For more information on city-sponsored special collections or curb-side recycling, go to or call the Department of Public Works 301-725-0088.


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