Watch out for safety as kids head back to school [West Laurel]

My husband used to say, "It's the most wonderful time of the year...," just like the Christmas song. But what he was celebrating was that the kids were going back to school.

Prince George's County Public School students begin classes on Monday, Aug. 19.

Please keep in mind that the students will be walking to school, riding their bikes and waiting at bus stops. Drive carefully and obey speed limits.

In my last column, I told you about John Weant and his disheartenment in regard to the theft of his Marine Corps and American flags from his front yard. As a Marine Corps veteran, he was truly disappointed that someone would show such disrespect.

Weant was pleasantly surprised, however, when Fred Frederick, longtime owner of an auto dealership in Laurel, called and offered him replacement flags. Frederick, a Marine Corps veteran himself, presented the flags to Weant who was truly honored to receive them.

Did you know that Chesapeake Math and Information Technology Academy is right across from Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission on Sweitzer Lane? Many people don't even know that the Prince George's County public charter school is nestled back there.

CMIT Academy offers a science, technology, engineering and mathematics program, which serves grades six through 12. Here's your chance to take a look: CMIT is having a yard sale on Saturday, Aug. 17, 8 a.m. to noon, in the school parking lot at 6100 Frost Place. All proceeds will benefit the middle school soccer program. For more information, contact Linda Landau at 301-221-7091 or

Happy birthday to Polly Gould, English for speakers of other languages teacher extraordinaire at Bond Mill Elementary School and our neighbor, who celebrated on Aug. 11. Special birthday wishes are going out to Linda Barcheski who celebrates her birthday Aug. 16. Barcheski spends much of her time these days doting on the love of her life, infant grandchild, Ronin.

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