Bond Mill's Pennies for Patients receives generous donations [West Laurel]

Spring started early for West Laurel. The trees are budding and some are even blooming. The jonquils and hyacinths have made their way through the soil splashing hues of yellow and purple throughout. The warm pleasant days with temperatures in the 70s during February were odd indeed, but lovely and appreciated. This has been the strangest winter that I can ever remember for so many reasons.

Bond Mill Elementary students participated in the Pennies for Patients program that raises money by collecting change for those with leukemia and lymphoma to find cures for blood cancer. The students and their family were so generous with their spare pennies that they raised almost $2,300. The top two classes who raised the most money were Danielle Washington’s fourth-grade class raising $308 and Desnee Cole’s second-grade class raising $198.

We are honored to have another author and illustrator in our community. Kathy Macoughtry wrote a children's book (for ages 7 and up) based on her own experiences and love of horses. The story is about her Gypsy Vanner horse who goes to school to be trained to pull a cart. It's a great story with many interesting facts about Gypsy Vanner. horses. "Midas Goes to School — A Gypsy Horse Adventure" is written in such a way that the animals do the "talking." The book is available to buy through Amazon.

Kindergarten registration is right around the corner and begins the end of April. Bond Mill Elementary encourages all neighborhood children who will be 5 years old by Sept. 1, 2017 to be registered for kindergarten, as mandated by the state. If you have neighbors who have little ones that age, please remind them. Sometimes parents think they can walk in and register right before school starts but that's a misconception. Only a parent or a court-appointed guardian may register a student in a Prince George's County public school.

Bond Mill has wonderful kindergarten teachers and they welcome all the new West Laurel kindergartners. To register, you must bring your child's original birth certificate (no copies), immunization record that is up-to-date and proof of residence. Proof of residence includes a deed, recent mortgage statement, most recent property tax assessment or a lease/contract that is current and is notarized by the owner of the property. For more information, please call the school office 301-497-3600.

Just a quick reminder to start your spring cleaning just in time for West Laurel Dumpster Day and Secure Documentation Shredding Day on Saturday, April 1 at 8:30 a.m. at the West Laurel Community Building.

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