West Arundel at West Laurel

Front to back, West Laurel's Ben Ailinger, West Arundel's Patrick Nessler and West Laurel's Nathan Samson finish at the season opener at the West Laurel Swim Club. (Doug Kapustin/Baltimore Sun / June 21, 2013)

The opening of the 2013 Prince Mont-Swim League on June 15 offered an early chance for two local teams to square off at West Laurel.

The host Wahoos prevailed, 299-271, over West Arundel in a meet featuring teams who have returned to the Division C level this season.

"We had swimmers age up this year in the right spots and the kids just stepped up," said DeMatha grad Dave Floyd, a West Laurel co-coach with Matt Harris. "They did what they needed to do. They had a goal in mind when they went to swim."

Last year, West Arundel was 3-1 in dual meets while West Laurel was 2-2, but the Wahoos had the upper hand June 15, despite triple wins from four West Arundel swimmers: Michael Venit (U-8 boys) in the freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke; Colette Pierce (13-14 girls) in the free, breast and individual medley; Jay Venit (13-14 boys) in the butterfly, breast and IM; and James Oslund (15-18 boys) in the fly, breast and IM.

"They just swam better than us," said long-time West Arundel head coach John Venit, also the head coach at Laurel High and the president of the Prince-Mont Swim League. "They have a good team. It was a good, competitive meet. We were down three after the butterfly, but no excuses."

West Laurel was aided by Erin Kane (15-18 girls), a triple winner in the butterfly, breast and IM.

Another triple winner for West Laurel was Henry Buda (11-12 boys), who won the backstroke, 100 IM and butterfly.

Max Bagileo (9-10 boys) was also a triple winner for West Laurel as he was first in the breast, back and fly.

Double winners for West Arundel were Olivia Clark (9-10 girls) in the butterfly and free and Cecilia Ramirez (11-12 girls), with victories in the butterfly and 100 IM.

The other local winner was Laurel City, which beat Prince George's Council, 266-219, in Division F as Eanna Heir-Keys (13-14 girls) was a triple winner in the butterfly, breast and 100 IM.

It was the first win for new head coach Susie Keys, the mother of Eanna Heir-Keys and Ava Heir-Keys (9-10 girls).

"It is exciting. Every year you have weakness in some age group. We do have a lot of 9-10 girls who are pretty strong," said Keys, a long-time Laurel resident who was born in Ireland. "We have a lot of other kids that contributed with single wins. It definitely takes a team effort."

Ivan Zapata (11-12 boys) was a triple winner in the butterfly, freestyle and 100 IM. Anthony Campos (9-10 boys) was a double winner for Laurel City in the breast and back. Ava Heir-Keys (9-10 girls) was a double winner in the butterfly and breast.

Laurel City was 2-2 in dual meets at Division G last summer.

"We moved up a division so the competition may be a little tougher," said Keys. "We are off to a good start."

The Russett Sharks, who were 3-1 in dual meets last year, began the season June 15 with a 314-256 loss to Adelphi in Division B.

Triple winners for Russett were Dominic Kazzi (U-10 boys) in the butterfly, freestyle and breast.

Kylie Ritter (U-8 girls) was also a triple winner in the freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke.

Double winners for Russett were Miles Scott (U-8 boys) in the freestyle and breaststroke, Lauren Ritter (13-14 girls) in the butterfly and IM and Megan Reyda (girls 15-18) in the butterfly and freestyle.

Montpelier began the season in Division D with a one-point loss to Cheverly, 285-284.

Suzannah Mills (13-14 girls) was a triple winner in the freestyle, back and 100 IM. Triple winners for the Montpelier boys were Thomas Brown de Colstoun (U-12) in the backstroke, butterfly and 100 IM and Dylan Buehler (15-18) in the butterfly, backstroke and 100 freestyle.

"It was real heartbreaking," said Brian Abdo, the Montpelier third-year coach. "I could not have asked for more from our swimmers. It was a great competition."

Double winners for Montpelier were Trey Beam (9-10 boys) in the free and back; Danielle Collman (girls 11-12) in the fly and 100 IM; Lucas Brown de Colstoun (boys 11-12) in the fly and IM; Frankie Spitza (boys 13-14) in the free and breast; and Nick Mills (boys 15-18) in the breast and IM.

The Silver Spring Swim Team, with meets that take place in Laurel, lost to Theresa Banks 342.5-205.5 in Division A. Silver Spring was 4-0 in dual meets in Division C last year.

Russett, Montpelier and Silver Spring all won divisional titles last year in the best summer for Laurel-area teams since at least 2008.

The six teams from Laurel were a combined 17-7 last year but are off to a 2-4 start this season.