Age: 69

Education: Class of 1963, Laurel High School; college courses in management and fire and rescue; courses in court management

Employment: Retired in 2000 as director of the Family Court, Washington, D.C. 

Why seeking re-election: I have spent the better part of my personal and professional life serving the public. As a Councilman serving Ward 1 and the City of Laurel for the past two years I have committeed my time and energy to make sure that the promises we made were kept.

John Mathew Smith

Seeking first term as Ward 1 Council member

Age:  55

Education: high school and associate's in sociology

Employment: Event photographer 

Why seeking office: I believe we need a fresh voice in Laurel, someone who is not a politician but simply a regular down-to-earth American. Someone who doesn't always claim to have all the answers but who  asks  the right questions. A little humility in the search of new ways of doing old things is a good start.

Donna Crary

Seeking third term as Ward 2 Council member

Age: 54

Education: AA, Erie Community College; BA, English literature, Bowie State University; Juris Doctor, University of Baltimore

Employment: Law Office of Donna L. Crary PA

Why seeking re-election: I'm seeking re-election because there are on-going projects vital to the economy and well being of Laurel's citizens. Redevelopment projects by this Mayor and Council need to be completed in a sustainable manner.  I believe in giving 100 percent  to my City, not finishing the work is not an option. Please give me the opportunity to continue "giving back." 

Thomas Matthews

Seeking first term as Ward 2 Council member

Age: 52

Education: Business courses, pursuing a bachelor's degree

Employment: Business manager, assistant director

Why seeking office: As a council member candidate for Ward 2, I have many concerns regarding Laurel, including its residents and its future. My most pressing issues are the safety and well-being of our senior citizens, the future of our youth – notwithstanding the quality of the programs we offer them – and economic development which can make or break a city.

Frederick Smalls

Seeking sixth term as Ward 2 Council member

Age: 63

Education: Associates degree, advertising design

Employment: Director of administration, finance and human resources, Maryland's Secretary of State's office

Why seeking re-election: I want to continue helping make Laurel great and work to achieve the best quality of life for residents. I understand the issues impacting us as neighbors and as individuals. I've walked our neighborhoods and sat in your living rooms. Our city needs leaders who are professional, who understand the issues, and who have a heart for serving the community.