Each candidate was asked to provide the same information for the voter's guide. Their responses are below:

Michael Leszcz

Seeking ninth term on Council, sixth term at-Large

Age: 67

Education: St. John's University, Queens, N.Y.; Canal Zone College, LaBoca, Panama; Delaware State University, Dover, Del.

Employment: Program Operations Officer, Data Management Division, Internal Revenue Service

Why seeking re-election: I have demonstrated that I serve the Citizens of Laurel well as I have spent the majority of my life working for the betterment of our City. We have a balanced budget and the economy and the employment market in the City is improving. I promise to give my all toward moving Laurel forward in behalf of all City residents. 

Adrian Rousseau

Seeking first term as an at-large Council member

Age: 50

Education: Laurel High School; modeling school; licensed in real estate

Employment: Self-employed

Why seeking office: I am running for office to provide the Council with the voice of the Community and give our kids a voice at the table. I heard about the questions asked at the debate and no one had real questions about the youth, schools and Boys and Girls Club in Laurel. Our Seniors are a forgotten Breed and need a voice.

Valerie Nicholas

Seeking second term as Ward 1 Council member

Age: 49

Employment: Side by Side Inc.

Why seeking re-election: I am seeking re-election because I enjoying helping people. It has been indeed a pleasure to work with residence and assist businesses with their concerns. If re-elected I will continue to address the following issues: homelessness, senior services, transportation and public safety. It is an honor to serve in the Laurel community.

H. Edward Ricks

Seeking second term as Ward 1 Council member