Members named to Laurel Boys and Girls Club review task force

Eleven members have been appointed to the Laurel Boys and Girls Club Financial and Operational Review Task Force, and the group will hold the first of five meetings on Tuesday, April 23 at 7 p.m. at the Laurel Municipal Center, 8103 Sandy Spring Road.

The task force was created by Laurel City Council members to review the finances and operations of the Laurel Boys and Girls Club in response to concerns from the club over funding and other issues pertaining to the club's operation. The Laurel Boys and Girls Club is located in the 114-year-old Phelps Center, which is deteriorating and in need of repair.

Task force members were appointed by either Mayor Craig Moe and City Council members, or Laurel Boys and Girls Club President Levet Brown, as specified in the City Council resolution that established the review task force in February.

Task force members appointed by the mayor and city council include former Laurel City Council member Rick Wilson, who was appointed chair; Monique Holland, who was appointed vice chair; and Gloria Arnold, Robert J. DiPietro, Mickey Fink, Lionel Francis, Craig Frederick, Marcellus Shepard and Kenneth Taylor.

Brown appointed Adrian Rousseau and former City Council member Michael Sarich to represent the Laurel Boys and Girls Club.

In addition, the task force will receive support from City Administrator Kristie Mills, Director of Budget and Personnel Services Michele Saylor and Mike Lhotsky, director of Parks and Recreation.

In announcing the members of the task force, city officials said the group will "take testimony, hold public hearings and make recommendations" to the mayor and City Council on funding, programs and any issues the club is facing to develop both short-term and long-term recommendations.

Specific areas of review include the club's history; the city's support of the club and support received by the county and state, including grants and in-kind services; past and current club finances; club, city and county youth programs; fundraising activities; and a tour of the Phelps Center to review the club's current location.

Future meetings will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays, May 7 and 28, and June 4 and 25 and will be broadcast on Comcast 71 and Verizon 12. The meetings include a public hearing, beginning at 8:30 p.m.




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