Swim coach arrested on sex offense charges has ties to Laurel, police say

A swim coach arrested on charges of child abuse and sex offenses in Montgomery County also has ties to Laurel, police said today. 

The founder of the Maryland Suburban Swim Club, Christopher Thomas Huott, 53, was charged by Montgomery County police on Thursday after a woman came forward with allegations that he had "engaged her in sex acts on numerous occasions while she was a minor in his care," according to Montgomery County police. The abuse allegedly began when the victim was 7 years old, in the 1980s, and lasted for several years, according to a police statement.

Huott is being held on a $50,000 bond, police said. 

Today, the Laurel Police Department announced that Huott had rented the city's municipal pool on Greenview Drive in Patuxent Greens for the past three summers. 

“The crimes the coach has been charged with happened between 1984 and 1989. There is a very real possibility that there may be additional victims since then," said Laurel Police Chief Richard McLaughlin. "We have an obligation to seek out potential victims, and put them in touch with investigators and others who can help.”

Police said they currently did not have evidence of any inappropriate behavior at the Greenview Drive pool, but McLaughlin encouraged residents to talk with their children and report any abuse to police at 301-498-0092. 

According to Laurel officials, Huott's swim club practiced regularly at the Greenview Drive pool from May to August, and held several Saturday swim meets there. 

Maryland Suburban Swim Club has not rented the space again this summer. 

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