Laurel Police release photos after smash-and-grabs at Verizon Wireless

Laurel Police released surveillance photos after two smash and grab burglaries were reported at the Verizon Wireless store on Route 1 this month.

On Jan. 23, two people arrived in a dark-color sedan and broke the store's glass door to enter. They took a variety of phones, with a total value of $3,991.99.

In the second incident, on Jan. 27, a person broke the glass storefront with an object, entered and took various phone accessories, valued at $1,902, then left through the rear of the store.

Anyone with information or this or any similar incidents can contact Laurel Police Det. Adam Cheek, 301-498-8002.

According to Laurel Police two people burglarized the store, located at 14613 Baltimore Ave., on Jan. 23 and 27.


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