Mother and daughter opening new shops on Main Street [Old Town Laurel]

The ever-evolving face of Old Town's Main Street will soon see a number of changes to its familiar facades.

Minuteman Press, 335 Main St., has a banner atop its abode announcing a soon-to-be-completed expansion.

Barring any last-minute delays, business owner Victoria Bell is working hard to get her new shop, Bellavive Jewelry Collection at 356 Main St., open on Dec. 16. Her specialty is handcrafted, all natural, gemstone jewelry. To view her website, go to Working with gems for some 15 years, she states on the site, "We use all natural gemstones with various metals such as stainless and plated steel."

Bell's daughter, Alexis Streets, is in the final stages of getting her operation open at 349 Main St. Basket Treats by Alexis Streets will feature gourmet candies and treats in the storefront, and will be expanded to include event planning. While details are few, she hopes to be in full swing late winter/early spring.

First United Methodist Church invites you to attend a Blue Christmas Remembrance Service, Saturday, Dec. 21 at 6:30 p.m. at 424 Main St. While most of us revel in the holidays, for those who have lost a job, are suffering through a separation or divorce, or perhaps grieving the loss of a loved one or relationship, these can be difficult times. This service will have a quiet, more somber feel than a traditional holiday service. Comfort during unpleasant times will be the focus of scripture, meditations and music. Contact Becky Boeckman at 301-725-3093 for more details. 

Congratulations to "Mags" Elam, who became a first-time grandmother when her daughter gave birth to "the cutest little boy you have ever seen." Numerous pictures of "Mac" shown about town confirm this new grandparent's pride. He is adorable!

Not expecting to see him for at least two weeks, I was surprised, after being told by my friend, Jim Reid, "You have company!" Spinning around I came face to face with Santa Claus. I had my doubts at first, but the long white beard and hair, and tidy red suit, convinced me that it was indeed "the man" himself. As I chatted with him, his agent, a man who calls himself "Jimmo," informed me that Santa would be happy to make some appearances, free of charge, at local events where children would be present. If you'd like to discuss his appearance at your "kid-friendly holiday party" in the next few weeks, call 410-792-7661.

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