Townsfolk piece together mystery of Main Street filming [Old Town Laurel]

It was, from the beginning, all very mysterious. Robin Daugherty was the first to tell me that windows and doors at the Quick Stop Market, corner of Main and Fifth streets, were shrouded in a black material of sorts. After receiving several phone inquiries, I ventured over to see what all the fuss was about. A sign on the building only said that they were "closed for the day."

Information was tough to come by as folks working in and around the store remained tight-lipped. It was not until several emails were posted via the Old Town Laurel Group on Yahoo that an explanation emerged.

Gail Turney said that she'd stopped to take a look after noticing a flurry of activity in the store's parking lot. Cameras were rolling. When she asked about the activity, she learned that the Discovery Channel was filming a segment for a program simply titled, "Abducted." Turney said that the folks she talked to were unsure when the program would air.

Shortly after Gail's email, another was posted by Karen Lubieniecki. She stated that she had taken video of the filming later that same evening when the dark covering had been removed from the store's windows. It included "robbers and shotguns" used in a reenactment, as the actors re-staged a robbery that actually occurred at a Texas convenience store, where there had been a robbery and murder.

Karen went on to say that the Main Street location was chosen because the Quick Stop closely resembles the store where the actual crime occurred. The program is set to air "sometime in March."

Mystery solved.

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