St. Philip's supports Thanksgiving outreach year-round [Old Town Laurel]

Most of you no doubt, are anticipating the arrival of warm spring days, and balmy summer evenings that will soon grace Old Town. The calendar clearly says it's early March, and even the quickest glance at any outdoor thermometer seems to say that winter is hanging on for what appears to be its last hurrah.

Most have not yet given even a fleeting thought to November and Thanksgiving, but the staff and congregants of St. Philip's Episcopal Church, 522 Main St., under the thoughtful leadership of the Rev. Sheila McJilton, have started planning and raising funds for this year's annual Thanksgiving Day meal, served free to anyone and everyone. Last year's celebration had approximately 350 participants.

The church held a chili cook-off last month in Wyatt Hall to help raise funds to cover the cost of this year's upcoming gastronomical escapade. Contestants were asked to submit entries in several categories. While chili was the main attraction, entrants could also bring their best homemade corn bread and desserts.

Hearty, hungry souls paid the requisite admission fee, and partook of sundry culinary stylings.  Winners were announced in each category. Gale Massiah was crowned champion in the main contest, for her outstanding chili, and Eileen Collins placed second. There was a tie for third place between Shannon Toole and Ruth Walls.

Justin Mann, Kristy McDonald and Shannon Toole finished first, second and third respectively for their concoctions of homemade corn bread.

Dessert, my personal favorite among the categories, saw Kathy Bundens take top honors. Eileen Collins finished in the middle of the pack, and Scott Aker and CeCe Lamancusa shared third place.

If you are interested in volunteering for St. Philip's annual Thanksgiving outreach dinner, or want to financially support this worthy autumn effort, call 301-776-6337.

Women of all ages are invited to attend the American Heritage Girls Troop 1208 celebration fundraiser, Women of Integrity Tea, Saturday, March 22, at First United Methodist Church, 424 Main St. Two seatings are scheduled. The early program will start at 10 a.m., with the later event beginning at 2 p.m.

The young ladies will serve tea, lemonade, sandwiches and sweets.  A brief program will be held, followed by a historical fashion show and silent auction.  Cost of the tea is $15 for a mother/daughter couple. If you have questions about fees for additional guests, or want to reserve seats, contact Kathleen Testa at

Questions and reservations by phone can be made by calling 520-609-0219.  Find details about American Heritage Girls at

Advance your clocks ahead one hour before retiring on March 8. Time changes for Daylight Saving Time while most of us sleep, 2 a.m. March 9.

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