Many helpers contributed to St. Mary's youth group's successful mulch sale [Letter]

On March 22, the St. Mary of the Mills Youth Group held its annual mulch sale delivery. This helps to raise funds for their summer excursion to Georgia this year. They hoped to add $1,500 to the coffers.

I was asked by Paul Devine (the church's youth minister) to help organize the offloading and delivery of the mulch.

So, I contacted a few fine fellows I know to assist me and I wanted to thank them for their help.

First I want to thank Mr. Richard Kluckhuhn of Laurel Fuel Oil & Heating Co. who quickly volunteered to provide a heavy-duty forklift and offloaded the 7-foot-high pallets of mulch from off the 53-foot trailer himself at 6 a.m. that morning. I enjoyed his easy manner and selfless service.

I also recruited several people whohad a very specialized skill (they owned 3/4-ton pickup trucks with empty beds) to assist in the delivery process. Each pallet had 48 bags on it and would easily fit into the bed with room to take several layers off to lower the lopsided piles to a manageable height

Our drivers and navigators with the trucks were Bill Carey, Jesse Walker, Les and Michael Walker, Chris Erdle of Sovereign Service and Shane Walker

After loading each truck with the correct number of bags, each navigator was then given a map with addresses for deliveries that had been generated by Mr. Paul Devine from the list of sales forms .... and once the off load crew of youth group members were assigned off they went throughout Laurel and the surrounding area

What had taken from 6 a.m-4 p.m. the previous year was accomplished by this outstanding crew by 11:30 a.m. and rewarded with a pizza lunch in the parking lot of St. Mary's School.

Thanks to Mr. Devine, a hardworking youth group and some specially skilled community members, it was an awesome event. I really appreciated the help and wanted to let the community know.

James Walker


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