Platt report did not look at city's hiring practices objectively [Letter]

So I read the article in the July 31 edition of The Laurel Leader ("Report finds Laurel's hiring practices sound"). I almost choked on my morning coffee. It should have read more like this: The City of Laurel is 50 percent fair in their hiring practices. The other 50 percent is unfair due to outright nepotism. Nepotism has been going on for many years in the city and has continued since Mayor Moe came into office in 2002. He has friends in directors' positions, and their family members in positions. No disrespect to the Platt Group and the retired judge Steven I. Platt, but how easy is it to choose to hire your own group to investigate your hiring practices. That way you can control the information provided. My advice to the Platt Group is to get a roster of all of the employees and look at how many has a common last name due to nepotism. Exactly how did the Platt Group randomly select employees to talk to? My take on the matter is if you interview current employees, of course they'd say the hiring practices are fair. Either they're happy there or afraid to lose their job or both. The Platt Group should talk to former employees or retired employees with nothing to lose for their second phase. I urge residents to know who's running your city. Don't get me wrong, there are some hard-working employees in the city of Laurel. I challenge the Platt Group to look objectively and go with a different angle such as random checks and not make it such a slam dunk for a city that knows how to stay from under the radar.

F. Deborah Strothers


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