City allowing candidates to file late indicative of systemic ails [Letter]

Having been a longtime city of Laurel resident, I am concerned that we caved in and allowed candidates who had enough time to fill out their forms completely by the deadline to run in the next election ("Laurel elections board finalizes November ballot." Oct. 10). I certainly hope that when people turn out to vote in the next election for City Council members they ask themselves if they want someone who cannot complete a simple form in charge of our tax money. The reason given [by Board of Election Supervisors John Kish] in the article by Luke Lavoie was the deadline was extended for the challengers to be fair and [Kish] "chalked the incompleteness up to the challengers' inexperience." So I repeat, ask yourself if you want people running our city who cannot fill in their address, where they work, or how much debt they owe, and who do not show up for monthly City Hall meetings and voice their concerns. These individuals will show up with their hand out and demand that the city hand over our hard-earned tax money to the Laurel Boys and Girls Club, but from what I have seen have done nothing to better the club over the past few years.

What are they doing with the money they have been given? Why should they receive our tax money when you look at your tax bill, everyone is contributing to the school system that provides activities, such as before- and after-care, tutoring, mentoring and sports activities that Prince George's County is providing for our children. How much more money is everyone supposed to contribute! The Boys and Girls Club has been around for many years and has done a wonderful job providing our children with sports activities. We need to let the teachers teach and the coaches coach, and the parents of the children in the club provide ways to fund the club as was done in the past. If people cannot run a small club, how could we vote them in to run the city? This is what is wrong currently with the government, we continue to cave in and allow things like this to happen because it is easier than to stand firm and follow the laws and regulations.

Beverley Peters


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