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Information points to loss of religious freedom in our military [Letter]

I wonder if my Laurel friends and neighbors are aware of what's been happening in the military lately. Those who defend our freedoms have been losing theirs; instances of religious persecution in the military have become a somewhat regular occurrence.

According to information I received from the Family Research Council, some examples include: "the Army labeled evangelical Christians and Catholics as extremists along with al-Qaeda, Hamas and the KKK; the Pentagon put an end to military-themed Bibles; a West Point study linked pro-life groups to terrorism; the U.S. military ordered crosses removed from chapels; an Air Force officer was ordered to take his Bible off his desk; a soldier was reprimanded for serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches at a private party celebrating his promotion and the Defense of Marriage Act (when it was still the law); and a painting including a Bible verse was removed from an Air Force dining hall."

The House National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) protects the right of service members to freely practice their religious beliefs as long as it does not "threaten good order and discipline." President Obama "strongly objects" to this language in the NDAA, according to the FRC.

Something is wrong here.

Paula Oas


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