Are Laurel's speed cameras for protection or increased revenue? [Letter]

As I rode from Howard County and crossed Main Street I saw that the speed camera had been moved and a small 25 mph sign with a really small speed camera sign had been moved from the previous site. Is the purpose of the speed posted as one had just come from a 40 mph area to slow speed or to gain more revenue?

I believe that we should protect our children and walkers, but I believe that the placement of this sign which is not easily read until one is on top of it is to gain more revenue. In Virginia, where there is a radial speed change there is a posted sign stating that there is a reduced speed ahead. There is room for such a sign as this preceding the speed change on the road.

Again, I ask what is the purpose of the movement of the sign and why is there not a warning for those coming from areas of higher speed limits?

G. McNeirney


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