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Volunteers helped bring soccer to Laurel's youth [Letter]

The Greater Laurel United Soccer Club's (GLUSC) spring season ended on June 9; 346 boys and girls ages 3-18 took part in the program. All of this could not have been possible without the help from our dedicated volunteers. We would like to thank the following:

U6: Eric Gans, Gary Aldred, Nulty Lynch, Irina Kemnitz, Jeremy Newkirk, Kisme Williams, Jared Scott, Mesmin Germain; U8 boys: Jose Chirino, Michael Feldtmose, Marlon James, Joseph Bailor, David Kirabo, Antonio Portillo, Dan Van Der Have; U8 girls: Beverly Gebhardt, Darius Helton, Dion Johnson, Jorge Martinez; U10 boys: Jaime Blanco, John Camarano, Tim Graninger, Eric Booth, Chris Kerrigan; U10 girls: Dan Beck, Peter DeMik, Dan Bowlds, Danny Ives, Chris Lockett, Jorge Martinez, Diego Rua; U12 boys: Jose Chirino, Carlos Jimenez, Sean Tran, Diego Rua; U11 girls: Erin Justice, Karen Frederick, Michael Hicks; U12 girls: Anthony Green; U14 boys: Terry Butler, Nelson Kofie; U14 girls: Joe Berry, Dave Durnbaugh; and high school boys: Beverly Gebhardt.

The GLUSC was also fortunate enough to have seven participants in our Youth Coaches In Training (CIT) program: Brandon Sauls, Joey Johnson, Gina Berry, Frankie Smith, Javier Pinder, Malaysia White, Adam Gebhardt.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of all these volunteers the boys and girls of the greater Laurel area enjoyed a phenomenal 10 weeks of spring soccer. Additionally the U11 girls and the U14 boys won their divisions playing in the Soccer Association of Columbia's (SAC) Outside Team league.

Steven Haversack, President

Greater Laurel United Soccer Club

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