Laurel senior encourages votes for Council member Fred Smalls [Letter]

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, we are going to the polls to elect our Laurel City Council. Fred Smalls is running for re-election for Laurel Ward 2. Mr. Smalls has served all constituents of Laurel well. Laurel is being revitalized and citizens are anxiously awaiting the opening of the newly renovated mall. Mr. Smalls is a family man who is committed to all constituents in Laurel that need it. He provides assistance even if you may have to go to the seat of government in Annapolis. He goes beyond the call of duty for all constituents including boys and girls.

The mayor and City Council as of today have worked tirelessly to improve Laurel including infrastructure improvements, new developments and increased safety and security. Main Street is beautiful. As a senior, I know what Mr. Smalls has done and is doing for our lives. The mayor and City Council work as a team. The team in place now is moving forward. And as we Marylanders know, sometimes breaking up a working team does not always produce good results. All my friends, I am encouraging you to vote for Fred Smalls on Nov. 5.

Joan M. Anderson


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