Prince George's Council passes clean energy bill for public buildings

Last week, Prince George's County became the first jurisdiction in Maryland to fund clean energy systems in all new county buildings as well as major renovations for existing public buildings.

The bill, proposed by District 1 County Council member Mary Lehman, who represents Laurel, requires the county to budget an extra 2 percent into the total cost of a building or renovation in order to pay for a clean energy system to be installed.

For every 1,000 square feet of space, the building must generate 1 kilowatt of clean energy.

The new clean energy requirement would apply to all new, permanent public buildings as well as major projects that renovate 50 percent or more of an existing public building's gross floor space.

Clean energy is defined in the bill as a system that uses solar, wind or geothermal energy.

The Council approved the bill unanimously.

"I am thrilled the Council has adopted one of the most ambitious policies for clean energy on public buildings in the country," Lehman said in a statement. "This bill will spur clean energy jobs for our workforce, energy savings for our taxpayers and a cleaner environment for our children." 









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