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County, city to offer information on Laurel Lakes dredging

The Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources and staff from the city of Laurel will hold a public meeting to share information on the Laurel Lakes dredging project, Thursday, Nov. 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the Laurel Police Department's Partnership Hall, 811 Fifth St.

The two lakes that are known as Laurel Lakes are actually storm water ponds that were dug to collect runoff after rain storms when the Laurel Lakes housing development was built 30 years ago. The county has authority over the water in the lakes, and the city maintains the paths and park that surrounds the lake.

Earlier this year county DER officials said they plan to dredge the entire upper lake, and improve the Oxford Street culvert that feeds into it. Dredging the upper lake will restore its capacity as a sediment pool, which will reduce the amount of sediment and nutrients that flow to the lower lake and will improve water quality, according to DER

The meeting includes a presentation and opportunity to ask questions.


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