Montpelier All-Star swimmer goes out with record, two titles

Thomas Brown de Colstoun has been one of the top local swimmers for several years with the Montpelier Marlins of the Prince-Mont Swim League.

On July 28, he concluded his career in the PMSL in star-studded fashion by claiming two events and was second in another at Whitehall in Bowie in the season-ending All-Star event.

Brown de Colstoun, who competed this year in the 13-14 boys level, a rising freshman at Montgomery Blair High in Silver Spring, plans to swim next summer for a club in Montgomery County, according to his father, Eric.

Brown de Colstoun captured the 13-14 boys 50-meter freestyle and set a Whitehall pool record in 25.95.

His time of 1:05.04 set a team record in the individual medley and he also was second in the butterfly.

"Thomas is a phenomenal swimmer," said Brian Abdo, who just finished his third season as the Montpelier head coach. "It is incredible when a swimmer hits a growth spurt and (then) how fast he gets. He has worked hard in his winter club, and it really shows at competition in the summer league. He is a real anchor for the relays. We know we have a chance of winning a meet when he is there."

Abdo is a former swimmer and assistant coach for the Marlins. Brown de Colstoun was a young boy when his family moved into the same South Laurel neighborhood as Abdo.

"Sadly, I think this is our last summer with him," Abdo said. "I wish him all the best. I have personally known him since he was 2 when they moved across the street from me. I look forward to continue reading about him in the newspaper."

Montpelier also got a strong showing from Suzannah Mills (13-14 girls), who won the girls 50-meter backstroke and was fifth in the 100 IM.

"That was great," Abdo said, of her winning event.

Dylan Buehler (15-18 boys) was third in the 50 fly, fourth in the breaststroke and sixth in the IM.

The boys medley relay team of Rocco Mills, Nick Mills, Buehler and Brown de Colstoun took sixth.

West Arundel was paced by winner Michael Venit (U-8 boys), who set a team breast record in 22.52.

His brother, Jay (13-14 boys), was first in the breast and set a new West Arundel mark in 34.60.

Michael Venit was second in the free (16.87) and second in back (19.96) posting team records in both.

Olivia Clark (U-10 girls) was sixth in the butterfly and Kellianne Venit (15-18 girls) was fifth in the free and sixth in the breast and IM.

For West Laurel, Taylor Murray (U-8 girls) was third in the back; Max Bagileo (9-10 boys) was sixth in the free and fifth in the breast; Henry Buda (11-12 boys) was third in the fly, fourth in the free and sixth in the IM and Erin Kane (15-18 girls) was fifth in the fly, fifth in the breast and third in the IM.

"Overall the kids swam extremely well," said David Floyd, a West Laurel co-coach. "They were relaxed and had fun."

Russett was paced by Dominic Kazzi (U-10 boys), who was with third in the fly and second in the free and breast; Kylie Ritter (U-8 girls), who was first in the free, second in the breast and fifth in the back and Allison Ritter (11-12 girls), who was first in the breast, and second in the free and IM.

The Russett relay team of Megan Reyda, Razelle Abogadie, Allison Ritter and Lauren Ritter was fifth in the freestyle. Eanna Hehir-Keys of Laurel City (13-14 girls) was second in the breast.

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