Their vacation became a closed, after-hours excursion, but the family had a ball. Brock, who was 24 at the time of the Post article, remembered the "once-in-a-lifetime excitement of his favorite music star suddenly becoming a playmate."

Alan Goldstein told the Post, "We were talking one day about how it might be fun to try diving and the next thing you know, we've got a dive boat to ourselves with some dive masters to teach us."

Arrangements were made for the group to watch a variety show at a resort at 1 a.m. Jackson, Culkin and the Goldsteins were the only people in the audience.

"There was a Michael Jackson impersonator, which was a little awkward, but Michael was fine with it," Alan Goldstein told the Post.

The Goldsteins were questioned by investigators from the Los Angeles Police Department in 1993 when abuse allegations were first made against Jackson.

It was a short conversation. Lynn Goldstein told the Post, "They said, 'We have a victim, we believe him, and we're going to get [Jackson]. He fits the profile.' I didn't like that. I wanted to know what evidence they had."

Lynn Goldstein was adamant about their vacation and told the investigators that "nothing improper ever happened, the kids slept in their own room in the Goldstein suite on a separate floor from Jackson's, and Jackson never once tried to get the guys alone."

As exciting as it was, their experience with Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, was an eye-opener for the Goldsteins. As Brock Goldstein told the Post about two, 10-year-old boys playing with Jackson, "He was like one of us. It makes perfect sense to me because he never had a childhood. Obviously he's not normal. He had a twisted upbringing."

Alan Goldstein eventually rose to become Marriott's national director of sales operations for time-shares, and Lynn Goldstein went on to work for Hilton Hotels, and kept her hand in teaching with real estate instruction. In 2004, Marriott sent Alan Goldstein to Las Vegas to run the sales operations for a new resort. He retired in 2008.

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