City to purchase LED display signs

The Laurel City Council has authorized the purchase of two LED signs to be displayed at the Municipal Center and the Robert J. DiPietro Community Center.

The two signs, which cost approximately $58,559.80 total, will be installed in the next six to eight weeks, according to Mike Lhotsky, the city's director of Parks and Recreation.

"The signs will be used to advertise upcoming events and programs with the different departments but also publicize emergency situations that may arise," Lhotsky said at a City Council meeting last week.

The sign at the Municipal Center will be 3-feet-tall by 7-feet-wide, and will be double-sided. The sign at the DiPietro Community Center will be the same size but only single-sided, and will be located at the entrance to the facility. The signs will be controlled by a computer application, Lhotsky said.

The council approved the transaction unanimously at its July 8 meeting.

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