West Laurel man indicted in murder of wife, step-daughter

A West Laurel man who reportedly admitted to killing his wife and step-daughter and attempting to shoot his 15-year-old son inside their home has been indicted by a Prince George's County Grand Jury.

Ronnie Lee Rainey, 59, faces two charges each of first- and second-degree murder, two attempted murder charges, and multiple assault and gun charges in connection with the May 13 incident.

According to the charging documents, Rainey called 911 at 9:56 a.m. on May 13 from his home at 16113 Malcolm Drive, in West Laurel, and told the operator that he had shot his wife and daughter.

Upon arrival, the officers found Rainey's wife, Lisa Renee Rainey, 50, and her daughter, Ariale Chantre Shelton, 27, dead with gun shot wounds to the head, police said.

Police found Rainey's son and a friend on the scene. Both said they witnessed Rainey shoot the women, and said that Rainey pointed the gun at the friend prior to the murders and shot at his son as he fled the residence, according to the documents.

Rainey was indicted on the charges on June 4, three days before he was scheduled to be arraigned in District Court. Rainey's arraignment has been moved to June 28 in Prince George's County Circuit Court.

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