Laurel Boys and Girls Club task force adds meetings

The city's Laurel Boys and Girls Club Financial and Operational Review Task Force has added two meetings to its schedule, to be held later in July.

"We simply need more time to deliberate," said task force chair Rick Wilson.

According to Wilson, the task force, which was created in conjunction with the Laurel Boys and Girls Club and the City Council, spent longer in the discovery phase than originally anticipated.

The 11-member task force has held five meetings since April, and Wilson said the task force is in the "findings and recommendations" phase.

The task force was created to review the finances and operations of the club in response to concerns from club officials about funding and other issues pertaining to its operation. The club is located in the 114-year-old Phelps Center, which is deteriorating and in need of repair.

The overall goal of the task force is to present short- and long-term recommendations to the City Council and the club, based on the task force members' discussions and examinations.

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