Laurel Volunteer Fire Department to sponsor flag placement

Plant a flag at the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department July 1-3

The Laurel Volunteer Fire Department is inviting the community to participate in a flag placement at the station this weekend.

Beginning Friday, July 1 and continuing through Sunday, July 3, community members can bring a hand-held flag, with a staff no larger than two-feet tall, and post it in the lawn outside the fire department, 7411 Cherry Lane.

Fire Department member Mike Sellner said he hopes to have flags lining the station at the corner of Van Dusen Road and Cherry Lane.

"We are just trying something new and hope that the citizens of our city jump on board with this," Sellner said.

Sellner will place the first flags to map out the placement locations, and said he hopes this will become a tradition.

For information, contact Sellner at

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