Laurel Volunteer Fire Department to hold EMS Open House

The Laurel Volunteer Fire Department will hold its second annual EMS Open House on Saturday, May 18 from noon to 3 p.m. at the fire station, 7411 Cherry Lane.

Activities include meeting Laurel's licensed emergency medical technicians, blood pressure screening and learning about injury prevention. Visitors can also take an ambulance tour.

The Laurel Volunteer Fire Department was formed four years after an 1898 fire on Main Street destroyed 12 buildings, including the Presbyterian Church. The first Fire Chief was David M. Fischer.

Originally, there were three companies in Laurel, located at Eighth and Montgomery streets, Fifth and Montgomery streets and on Washington Boulevard just south of Main Street. In 1935, the company consolidated into one location at the former Phelps and Shaffer store at Ninth and Montgomery streets. In 1954, the company moved across the street to the old Laurel Elementary School No. 1.

The Laurel Volunteer Fire Department moved to its Cherry Lane location in 1990. The current building contains offices, a gym, a kitchen, meeting rooms and bunk rooms for male and female fire fighters. The current Fire Chief is Trey Kelso.

For more information, call the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department at 301-776-3600.

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