Two Washington men charged in rape of Laurel teen

Two Washington men have been arrested on sexual assault charges in connection with the rape of a Laurel 14-year-old inside a Washington residence, Laurel police announced this week.

Javon Henson, 19, and Orlando James Roberts, 45, have been charged in connection with the July 13 crime. 

According to Laurel police, the pair used the social media site Instagram to make contact with the victim, picked her up at her Laurel residence, drove her to the Washington residence and allegedly took turns raping her before driving her back to Laurel.

Police said Roberts, who is a registered sex offender in Washington, posed as Henson's father during the ruse and convinced the victim's mother to let the pair "hang out" for the day.

Police said Laurel Detective Adam Cheek assisted Washington police in making the arrest. Police said Cheek identified the location of the Washington home where the rape was alleged to have occurred and notified Washington police.

Cheek also is reported to have identified Henson and Roberts as the suspects, according to Laurel police. 

“These two suspects were able to trick the girl’s mother into letting her leave with them, but they made some key mistakes that helped me locate them.” Cheek said in a news release. “I’m so glad they are off the street.”

Cheek said the case should serve as a wake-up call to other Laurel parents.

“They need to know who their children are communicating with on social media. They should know their passwords. Get on the site. Find out what your kids are saying. And most importantly, find out who they’re saying it to,” Cheek said. 

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