Laurel police report felonies, arrests and property crimes. Prince George's County police report violent crimes and property crimes. Howard County police report major crimes, break-ins and car thefts.

City of Laurel

Montrose Avenue, 300 block, Nov. 3. Theft.

Irving Street, 100 block, Nov. 3. Motor vehicle theft.

Marshall Avenue, 300 block, Nov. 2. Theft.

Harvest Bend Lane, 8200 block, Nov. 2. Theft from motor vehicle.

Contee Road, 7800 block, Oct. 31. Motorcycle theft.

Sharon Court, 100 block, Oct. 30. Unforced-entry burglary.

Baltimore Avenue, 13600 block, Oct. 29. Theft from motor vehicle.

Baltimore Avenue, 14900 block, Oct. 28. Theft.

Contee Road, 7800 block, Oct. 24. Theft.

Baltimore Avenue, 14600 block, Oct. 19. Robbery other weapon.

Prince George's County

Bowie Road, 14800 block, Nov. 3. Break-in report.

Sweitzer Lane, 15100 block, Nov. 3. Theft.

Sweitzer Lane, 15100 block, Nov. 3. Theft.

Mews Court, 15600 block, Nov. 3. Stolen vehicle.

Laurel Bowie Road, 13300 block, Nov. 2. Theft.

Briarwood Drive, 13800 block, Nov. 2. Theft.

Academy Lane, 7800 block, Nov. 1. Theft from auto.