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Laurel Police report forced-entry burglary on Plantation Court [Crime Log]

Laurel police report felonies, arrests and property crimes. Prince George's County police report violent crimes and property crimes.

City of Laurel

Plantation Court, 15600 block, Dec. 19. Forced-entry burglary.

Fifth Street, 800 block, Dec. 17. Fraud.

White Way, 1300 block, Dec. 17. Theft.

Turney Avenue, 1000 block, Dec. 16. Theft.

Prince George's County

Briarwood Drive, 13900 block, Dec. 22. Break-in report.

Montpelier Drive, 8600 block, Dec. 20. Break-in report.

Baltimore Avenue, 13600 block, Dec. 20. Theft.

Larchdale Road, 13100 block, Dec. 19. Assault.

Laurel Bowie Road, 13000 block, Dec. 19. Stolen vehicle.

Old Gunpowder Road, 14600 block, Dec. 19. Stolen vehicle.

Briarcroft Lane, 8600 block, Dec. 18. Theft.

Avebury Drive, 13600 block, Dec. 17. Break-in report.

Cherry Lane, 8700 block, Dec. 17. Break-in report.

Cherry Lane, 14400 block, Dec. 17. Stolen vehicle.

Van Dusen Road, 7300 block, Dec. 17. Theft from auto.

Barnet Lane, 13600 block, Dec. 16. Break-in report.

Bramble Lane, 14100 block, Dec. 16. Stolen vehicle.

Mistletoe Spring Road, 13000 block, Dec. 16. Stolen vehicle.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes can call the appropriate police department: city of Laurel, 301-498-0092; Prince George's County, 1-866-643-236.

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