City completes field improvements, secures funding for Armory

The city has completed work on a walking path at Cypress Street Field, and received funding for planned renovations at the Laurel Anderson Murphy Armory Community Center.

The Cypress Street Field path connects the Robert J. DiPietro Community Center with the recently renovated playground and picnic pavilion on the field. The access path and stairs that connect the field and play area with Concord Avenue were also replaced. The project was funded in part by a National Recreation Trails grant administered by the state of Maryland and the city's Capital Improvement Program, officials said in a press release.

In addition, city officials announced this week that the state has approved the city's grant request of $100,000 for continuing renovations to establish the Laurel Anderson Murphy Armory Community Center as an active, year-round facility for all age groups.

Renovations include installing new windows, which were funded by prior bond bills.

In a released statement, Mayor Craig Moe expressed his appreciation to District 21 Delegates Ben Barnes, Barbara Frush and Jocelyn Peña-Melnyk, and District 21 Sen. Jim Rosapepe for seeing these requests through to approval during the legislative session.

Moe also acknowledged members of the Laurel City Council who attended state bond hearings to publicly support the Armory project.


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