City buys Main Street's empty 'Quill lot'

The city of Laurel has purchased the empty lot in the 300 block of Main Street, where the Laurel Board of Trade holds its seasonal Farmers Market, from the estate of Elizabeth Phelps Quill.

The 12,000-square-foot lot at 378 Main St., known as the "Quill lot," was purchased by the city's Community Redevelopment Authority May 1 for $300,000, city officials said.

Quill's family had owned the lot since 1948. After Quill died in 2006, her family has sold other properties they owned in Laurel, including an unoccupied house on Prince George Street that was purchased in June and has been totally renovated.

The city will lease the property from the authority and make it available for events such as the Laurel Board of Trade's Farmers Market and Main Street Festival.

“The Community Redevelopment Authority looks forward to working with the mayor on a lease that will benefit Laurel citizens, the Laurel Board of Trade and our Main Street businesses,” Laurel City Council member Mike Leszcz said.
Mayor Craig Moe said the city would lease the lot for "a variety of uses that will benefit not only the Main Street business community, but all of our residents and visitors."

The authority was created last year as part of the city's Urban Redevelopment Plan and is funded through $2 million from undesignated reserves held by the city, according to city spokesman Pete Piringer.

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