Family outraged, saddened over killing of North Laurel man

Wendell Cavin could tell something wasn't right with his son. That's why on March 27, the day before his 24-year-old son, Matthew Shane Cavin, of North Laurel, was found dead in Laurel, Wendell begged his son to let his father take him in.

"I was crying," Wendell said, recalling the phone call the two shared the night before Shane's death. "I'd been really worried about him. ... I said, 'If you want me to I'll leave right now and come get you,' and he said, 'No Dad, I'm all right.' "

It turns out Shane wasn't all right. At about 9:48 p.m. the following night, Laurel police responded to the 7600 block of South Arbory Lane and found Shane dead -- pinned underneath a car.

Hyattsville resident Antione Kaliph Cauley, 27, who Shane's sister said was her brother's friend, faces first- and second-degree murder charges in connection with the death.

Cauley, who fled the scene, turned himself on March 30 and is in jail after briefly being released on bond, according to Prince George's County State's Attorney spokesman John Erzen.

Calls to Cauley's attorney were not returned Tuesday.

The night before Shane's death, Wendell said he pleaded with his son because he was concerned that Shane might be abusing drugs and alcohol. He said he was also concerned about his relationship with Cauley, and that the two had gotten into a bad fight a few weeks before the incident that resulted in Shane being admitted to the hospital.

"I've been blaming myself for this," said Wendell, who lives in Severn. "I have to tell myself, 'It's not your fault, Wendell.' My son is 24 years old, he's his own man doing what he wishes."

After an investigation, Laurel police identified Cauley as a suspect in the death and issued a warrant for his arrest. According to the charging documents, two witnesses claim they saw Cauley and Shane arguing and fighting inside a residence in the 7600 block of South Arbory Lane on the night of his death.

A short time later, both witnesses said they saw a white SUV driven by Cauley accelerate and crash into a silver Acura and then speed off, according to the documents. Both witnesses also told police they found Shane pinned under the Acura, unconscious, the documents state.

After turning himself in, Cauley was freed on $225,000 bond, but has since had his bond revoked. The fact that Cauley was freed on bail at all does not sit well with Wendell.

"I'm devastated this guy was out," Wendell said. "I want to see Antione have the rest of days in jail for what he did."

Wendell's daughter, Amanda, 32, has more complex emotions.

She said she is good friends with Cauley, and that he and her brother were best friends.

"What happened to my brother is a tragedy," she said. "I'm just so sad that he and 'Tione got to that point. I don't know how things got carried away like that."

Amanda said she is angry with Cauley, but at the same time does not believe Cauley is guilty.

"I don't believe he purposefully ran him over," she said. "They lived together, they hung out together, they worked together. They were best friends."

Amanda recalled her brother as a loving person who was funny and kind.

"I'm just so sad he's gone," she said.

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