Escaped pit bull injures three girls in Maryland City

Three young girls suffered minor scratches and bite wounds after they were attacked by a pit bull terrier as they walked with their babysitter in Maryland City Wednesday morning.

Police said the three children, whose ages are 2, 4 and 6, and their adult babysitter were walking in the 300 block of Dameron South around 11:30 a.m. when the dog escaped from its yard through an open gate, and began attacking the girls. Police said the babysitter was able to get the children back to their home on the same block, and when police arrived the dog was inside its owner's home. Some of the children were treated at Laurel Regional Hospital and released.

A door-to-door survey by Anne Arundel County Police uncovered another attack by the same dog earlier in the day, when a 66-year-old woman was knocked down as she was taking out her trash. Police said the woman's sister used a broom to keep the dog away, and that the attacked woman had a minor head injury and knee wounds, but refused medical treatment.

Animal control officers seized the pit bull after learning it did not have a current rabies vaccination, and took the dog to the animal control facility for quarantine.


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