Laurel Mall, from above in 1999 and in 2013

THEN: This 1999 aerial photo of the former Laurel Mall was found onsite during the demolition. The 30 x 40-inch print survived the demolition but one corner has gravel embedded, proof that the photo was run over. An equipment operator gave the photo to Mike McLaughlin, who is creating a photo timeline of the mall's demolition. A sticker on the back of the photo gives credit to Sky High Studios in Laurel.

NOW: At the suggestion of Mike McLaughlin, Laurel Police officer Matt Jordan took a ride with a flyover unit of the Anne Arundel County Police in March 2013, and caught this "after" photo of the former Laurel Mall. McLaughlin calls the brown footprint of the Laurel Mall "mallstain." He plans to get another aerial shot when the new Towne Centre at Laurel is completed next year, creating a triptych that tells the story of then and now.