Time for instituting political term limits [Letter]

Recently, you may have heard about action being taken in Prince Georges County to put the abolishment of term limits on the ballot in the fall elections. The case being made is that we are at a disadvantage and that the longer our representatives are there the more effective and influential they become. I think that abolishing term limits is a bad idea.

For most seeking office, the passion of politics is that you get into it with a goal of making a constructive and positive difference. In Prince Georges County, with an eight-year term limit in place, you have a short life to accomplish your agenda. Term limits become your touchstone for what got you there in the first place. Knowing that your time is limited, you more than likely will/should focus on what got you there.

The reality is that once you are there, you become beholden not only to your constituents, but also to your peers, your sponsors, special interest, and lobbyist. Your view and perspective can become more focused for self-preservation — a natural instinct. The longer you are there, the more beholden you become to the Club.

All Maryland Senators and Representatives should be term limited to three four-year terms. At the federal level, senators should be limited to two six-year terms and

representatives should be changed from two-year terms to four years with two terms maximum.

Maybe then our representatives will focus on getting the peoples work done, as opposed to looking at re-election just around the corner.

Gerald Chappell


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