Everything's up to date in the new Savage Fire Station 6 [North Laurel/Savage]

Savage Fire Station 6 is officially opened and ready to help serve our community even better. The old station, which served us well for years, was old and the bays were no longer large enough for the new equipment.

The station will house 80 volunteer members as well as 21 career members. Moving the location out of the center of Savage onto Route 1 will help the response time to the entire area. The building is two stories, and, yes, it has a fireman's pole. It is LEED Silver certified, which means it is energy efficient.

There is a kitchen, fitness center, library with computers, officers, sleeping quarters, day room, training center and game room. The ribbon-cutting ceremony included a push-in ceremony, where the crews push in the trucks.

There is a green roof, with plants growing on it to reduce the heat and solar panels. Sign boards are throughout the station, including in the rooms so that the firefighters know about any calls and can follow their status. This new station will be used for years and serve our community well.

As for the old station, that will be sold to Bethel Christian Academy, which will be expanding its school. More on that to follow.

The 50+ Center in the Community Center on Whiskey Bottom Road is holding two special events in July.

On July 9, there will be a presentation called Medicare Tune Up from 2 to 3 p.m. This free program will update you on issues connected to Medicare including medical equipment, medical supplies and programs.

On July 25, there will be the All American Pie Contest and Summer Picnic. Starting at 11 a.m., there is a pie contest. Come out and taste the pies and vote for your favorite. At noon will be a summer lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers.

The cost is $3 plus a contribution. For information or to register, call 410-313-0380 for either event. You can also register at the center.

National Night Out Against Crime will be held on Aug. 6 starting at 6 p.m. at the North Laurel Community Center. There will be live music, a skate park trick contest, police displays and more. This is a night to show criminals that they are not welcomed in our communities.

If you aren't interested in attending this event, you might want to consider hosting a neighborhood event for your block. For more information, call 410-313-0390.

Debbie Caldwell will become the principal at Gorman Crossing. She has come from Running Brook Elementary School and has been in the Howard County School System for 15 years.

Kimberlyn Pratesi will become principal at Hammond Elementary School. She was previously principal at Dayton Oaks.

Atholton High School will undergo major renovations this summer. The office, student services and JROTC classes will be held at Clemens Crossing this summer. Their numbers have not changed.

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