County should take better care of the Little Patuxent [Letter]

Howard County prides itself on being the "greenest" and most environmentally protective jurisdiction on the planet. Yet, according to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Little Patuxent River has for years been deemed "impaired," noting unsafe levels of PCB, e coli, mercury, cadmium and phosphorous. One wouldn't expect to encounter used toilet tissue, tampon applicators, and other evidence of raw sewage strewn along the banks and trails of a bucolic section of the Little Patuxent River. Yet this is what residents and visitors may encounter.

I strongly urge the county administration, current and future, to take your stewardship of the Little Patuxent seriously.

Prioritize permanent solutions to the sewer line issues before moving ahead with the thousands of additional units approved for development in Columbia. Do this because it is a public health as well as an environmental issue and because "Yes, Columbia, your poo does stink."

Susan Garber


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