The American Public Health Award’s “expectation of further accomplishments means that retirement is still a ways off,” Gielen notes.

Current topics of study and those on the horizon for Gielen and her team include situations that bring technology and people together, such as cellphones and car “info-tainment” systems.

She says she hopes to continue working with “an amazing group of injury prevention researchers at the center and continue … to be a bridge between science and practice.” 

Off the Clock with Andrea Gielen

Favorite authors: Jon Krakauer and Anna Quindlen

Favorite movie: “The Graduates,” an indie about Senior Week in Ocean City, from the team of Ryan Gielen, writer and director, and Matthew Gielen, producer. (Andrea, you might say, was their producer.)

Inspiration: Her parents specifically and their generation generally: “I think their sacrifices and commitment to making the world a better place for my generation, especially in terms of women’s equality, have really influenced the opportunities I’ve had. ... Reflecting on that energizes me to do the work I do,” she says.

Hobbies: After her kids were grown, she sought a hobby. “I’ve tried knitting (ran out of people to give scarves to); Spanish lessons (spent a fortune learning how to say ‘hola’ and ‘vino blanco’); piano lessons (need to revisit this upon retirement),” she says. “I finally discovered sailing, and I think that is sticking.”

Little known fact: She’s married to Price Gielen, a Baltimore litigator who was her high school sweetheart at High Point High School in Beltsville.

Favorite music: Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Adele and Bruce Springsteen