New Elkridge elementary school likely to be named 'Stone Bridge'

For years, the elementary school planned for the Elkridge area has been referred to as “Elementary School No. 41.” Now, the school on Ducketts Lane is one step closer to having a name before it opens its doors in August 2013.

The Howard County Board of Education is set to vote on the name in January, and the naming committee is recommending the school be called Stone Bridge Elementary School.

The committee, made up of 25 people, including school administrators, community members and members of local PTAs, presented its recommendation at the board meeting Dec. 3.

The committee discussed 23 names for the school, drawing on historical, geographical and cultural elements of the area, and surveyed third- and fourth-grade students who will be attending the new school. By and large, those students voted in favor of Stone Bridge.

Student input was considered by the committee, and Stone Bridge received the most votes. Other vote-getting names for the elementary school included Ducketts Lane, Stone Arch and Viaduct Bridge.

Arlene Harrison, chairperson of the committee, said Stone Bridge was selected because of the nearby Thomas Viaduct, which was the world’s largest multi-arched stone railroad bridge when it was completed in 1835. It is currently the oldest.

Board member Sandra French said she was “baffled” that Thomas Viaduct has not received a stronger show of support from the committee, as Stone Bridge could reference numerous areas in the county, but the Thomas Viaduct is very specific to the Elkridge area.

As part of the recent redistricting vote, students from Bellows Springs Elementary School in Ellicott City, Elkridge and Rockburn elementary schools in Elkridge and Waterloo Elementary School in Columbia will attend Stone Bridge.

A public hearing on the name is set for Jan. 10, and a board vote on Jan. 24.

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