Meshkin to step down from Howard BOE July 8

Howard County Board of Education member Brian Meshkin is ending his term sooner than expected.

Meshkin, who is not seeking re-election this year, announced Thursday that he would be stepping down from his position July 8 as he and his family prepare to move to California, where his company, Proove Biosciences, is headquartered. Meshkin's term expires Dec.1.

In a statement, Meshkin called his tenure on the board a "busy and productive three and a half years."

"It's only a temporary privilege to sit in the seat I currently occupy, as the Board of Education is more important than any individual member," he said. "It is my hope that I have been a devoted servant and wise steward with the time the citizens have given me to serve. It's been an honor to give back to a school system and community which has blessed my family and I so much over the years."

Meshkin, 37, said the travel between Howard County and Irvine, Calif., has become difficult on him and his family, which is why they plan to move.

"These years are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities with our kids at home and I don't want to miss out,' he said.

Meshkin has three young children and lives in Fulton.

In a brief statement during Thursday's Board of Education meeting, Meshkin called leaving Howard County "truly heartbreaking," but he's sure his family will be happy in Orange County, Calif.

"It obviously doesn't lessen the pain of leaving a place where I grew up and a place where we have such a great life," he said. "It's been truly an honor to temporarily occupy this seat and have a seat at the table with these people to try and make a difference in this school system."

Proove Biosciences is a personalized pain medicine laboratory services firm which Meshkin founded in Southern California four years ago.

Meshkin is the first school board member of Asian-American decent and a former student member of the board of education. His seat on the Board will be vacant until the four incoming board members are elected in the fall.

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