Mt. Hebron wrestling sweeps tri-meet at Oakland Mills

Three weeks ago, the Mt. Hebron wrestling team was humbled after being swept in a tri-meet with Reservoir at Marriotts Ridge.

On Tuesday night at Oakland Mills, the Vikings (3-2) got a chance to reestablish themselves as a local power, and took advantage, dispatching Wilde Lake, 46-16, and Oakland Mills, 42-26.

"We had a talk the next practice (after the Marriotts Ridge tri meet)... and we said 'Guys, this is serious, we need to get back out there and get after it'," said senior Ryan Hassan (220), who captains the Vikings along with junior Connor Strunk (152). "We came out here expecting everybody to be on top of things and it looks like we took care of business, so we're pretty happy with that."

Hassan, the Vikings' last undefeated wrestler, collected two pins Tuesday night, including the clincher against Oakland Mills in the featured match of the tri-meet.

"I got invited by Down Under Sports to wrestle down in Australia and New Zealand this past summer, so in preparation for that I did weeks and weeks of offseason wrestling with Team Penguin (River Hill) and the Warhawks barn (Glenelg)," said Hassan, who placed fourth at the state tournament last year. "But I'm just doing my best, not expecting anything, just going out there and having fun with it. One thing that I've learned over the last four years is that if you worry about everything you're just not going to perform well."

Glenelg, Reservoir and River Hill are the last three undefeated teams in Howard County.

"We're hoping to be right up at the River Hill level. That's what we're aiming at since the preseason. You've got to respect them, they're the team to beat," said Hassan, whose biggest win so far this season was over Mount Mat Madness champion Michael Sullivan of Reservoir.

In the featured dual, Mt. Hebron built a decisive early 24-11 lead after pins by Jeff Hayden (132), Connor Strunk (152) and Stefen Chavis (160).

But Oakland Mills rallied on back-to-back wins by Dylan Juskus (pin) and Joey Celtnieks to make it 24-20 in favor of Mt. Hebron with only four bouts remaining.

However, the Vikings took any drama out of the home stretch, as Austin Day (195), Hassan and Nick Suri (285) recorded consecutive pins to put the match away.

"We knew it was going to be tight and come down to some swing matches, but I thought we wrestled pretty good out of the gates," said Oakland Mills coach Brad Howell.

The Scorpions (2-3) got two wins each on the evening from undefeated freshman John Rynn (106), sophomores Dakota Thompson (120) and Alex Asifo (145), juniors Matt Claxton (138) and Celtnieks (170), and undefeated senior captain Juskus (182).

"I thought Dakota looked awesome all day today, he's the man," Howell said. "We were really strong right there with Claxton and Asifo (between 138 and 145). Matt has been really coming on for us."

A product of the Columbia Vipers junior league program with a family legacy at Oakland Mills, Rynn looks to have a very bright future as a Scorpion and throughout Maryland wrestling. He was one of only three wrestlers, along with Hassan and Suri, to record two pins on Tuesday night. The second came on the final bout of the tri-meet with only 23 seconds left on the clock.

"Johnny's been making headway all along. He's our only Viper kid that came up this year and we're taking good care of him," Howell said. "He's still a little small but getting bigger everyday. Lifting hard, working hard ... but the skill level is off the chart. They did a great job with him down on the Vipers. He's a tough, scrappy kid."

In the opening match of the tri-meet, the Scorpions took out neighborhood rival Wilde Lake, 41-21.

Then Mt. Hebron got a warm-up for Oakland Mills by defeating the Wildecats (1-3), 46-16.

That match featured the main event of the evening, as Wilde Lake two-time county champion Malik Jackson took on Mt. Hebron's two-time county finalist Connor Strunk in a 2013 county championship rematch.

Jackson, who lost to Strunk earlier this season in sudden death overtime at the Scorpion Duals tournament, fell behind early after being taken down on a reshot. Trailing 3-1 in the third period, the Wildecat got in deep on Strunk's leg and took him to his back for a five-point move, and eventually the 6-3 win.

"He's a great kid ... this whole season I've been busting my tail, sprinting, imagining that he's in front of me, chasing after him, because I really want this so bad. It's my senior year," said Jackson, who competed in the Fargo Nationals and New Jersey Super Duals this offseason. "I was a little worried in the third period. I said 'I've got to shoot, I've got to push the pace, I can't let this kid beat me.' Once I started getting in on his leg I realized I could take him down...I got the leg and took him down and his head was there. Locked up the cradle and put him on his back and just held on."

Jackson and Tyler Anderson (132) were the only Wildecats to win both matches on Tuesday.

In addition to Hassan and Suri, the Vikings also got two wins from sophomore Josh Kendrick (113), returning state finalist Jeff Hayden (126), Stefen Chavis (160) and Austin Day (195).

Oakland Mills 41, Wilde Lake 21
285: Danny Johnson (WL) dec. Kevin Rockwell (OM), 5-4. [3-0]
106: John Rynn (OM) pin Luke Rosale (WL), :48. [9-0]
113: Julian Capino (OM) wbf. [15-0]
120: Dakota Thompson (OM) maj. Romar Delacruz (WL), 12-1. [19-0]
126: Noah Polonsky (WL) pin Jonathan Ramirez (OM), :54. [19-6]
132: Tyler Anderson (WL) dec. Anthony Ahumada (OM), 6-2. [19-9]
138: Matt Claxton (OM) pin Sam Shojaei (WL), 1:36. [25-9]
145: Alex Asifo (OM) dec. Jonathan Edward (WL), 7-2. [28-9]
152: Malik Jackson (WL) pin Devin Sadler (OM), 3:26. [28-15]
160: Siddique Furet (OM) maj. Adam Glass (WL), 11-3. [32-15]
170: Joey Celtnieks (OM) dec. Ernie Fermin (WL), 3-1. [35-15]
182: Dylan Juskus (OM) dec. Xavier Franks (WL), 6-3. [38-15]
195: Zach Vincent (OM) dec. Khalyl McClain (WL), 6-5. [41-15]
220: Kris Gough (WL) pin Christian Romero (OM), 4:23. [41-21]

Mt. Hebron 46, Wilde Lake 16
106: Luke Rosale (WL) dec. Mike Olson (MH), 11-6. [0-3]
113: Josh Kendrick (MH) wbf. [6-3]
120: Jimmy Hayden (MH) pin Romar Delacruz (WL), 2:24. [12-3]
126: Jeff Hayden (MH) dec. Noah Polonsky (WL), 10-4. [15-3]
132: Tyler Anderson (WL) maj. Alex Bisant (MH), 12-4. [15-7]
138: Eloy Flores (MH) pin Sam Shojaei (WL), :36. [21-7]
145: Jake Norton (MH) dec. Jonathan Edward (WL), 6-3. [24-7]
152: Malik Jackson (WL) dec. Connor Strunk (MH), 6-3. [24-10]
160: Stefen Chavis (MH) maj. Adam Glass (WL), 10-2. [28-10]
170: Matt Murphy (MH) dec. Ernie Fermin (WL), 10-4. [31-10]
182: Xavier Franks (WL) pin Cody Cashmark (MH), 2:58. [31-16]
195: Austin Day (MH) dec. Khalyl McClain (WL), 12-5. [34-16]
220: Ryan Hassan (MH) pin Kris Gough (WL), 1:01. [40-16]
285: Nick Suri (MH) pin Danny Johnson (WL), 6:19. [46-16]

Mt. Hebron 42, Oakland Mills 26
113: Josh Kendrick (MH) dec. Julian Capino (OM), 3-2. [3-0]
120: Dakota Thompson (OM) dec. Jimmy Hayden (MH), 8-3. [3-3]
126: Brandon Wilson (MH) dec. Anthony Ahumada (OM), 7-2. [6-3]
132: Jeff Hayden (MH) pin Jonathan Ramirez (OM), 1:30. [12-3]
138: Matt Claxton (OM) tech. Alex Bisant (MH), 17-1/2:19. [12-8]
145: Alex Asifo (OM) dec. Jake Norton (MH), 6-3. {12-11]
152: Connor Strunk (MH) pin Devin Sadler (OM), 1:20. [18-11]
160: Stefen Chavis (MH) pin Siddique Furet (OM), 3:59. [24-11]
170: Dylan Juskus (OM) pin Matt Murphy (MH), :43. [24-17]
182: Joey Celtnieks (OM) dec. Cody Cashmark (MH), 6-1. [24-20]
195: Austin Day (MH) pin Zach Vincent (OM), 3:09. [30-20]
220: Ryan Hassan (MH) pin Christian Romero (OM), 2:21. [36-20]
285: Nick Suri (MH) pin Kevin Rockwell (OM), 4:09. [42-20]
106: John Rynn (OM) pin Densu Kurian (MH), 5:37. [42-26]

Double winners
106: John Rynn (OM)**
113: Josh Kendrick (MH)
120: Dakota Thompson (OM)
126/132: Jeff Hayden (MH)*
132: Tyler Anderson (WL)
138: Matt Claxton (OM)*
145: Alex Asifo (OM)
152: Malik Jackson (WL)*
160: Stefen Chavis (MH)*
170/182: Dylan Juskus (OM)*
170/182: Joey Celtnieks (OM)
195: Austin Day (MH)*
220: Ryan Hassan (MH)**
285: Nick Suri (MH)**

* Pin

** Two pins

Around the league

River Hill 62, Centennial 16
120: Michael Beck (RH) pin Matthew Nickell (C), 1:16.
126: Andrew Mahoney (RH) wbf.
132: Ryan Erskine (RH) pin Sam Routt (C), 1:53.
138: Sean Guthier (RH) pin Cody Vergel de Dios (C), :25.
145: Austin Kraisser (C) pin Jack Connolly (RH), 1:24.
152: Sameh Boulos (C) pin Zach Beard (RH), 1:11.
160: Brady Daniel (RH) maj. Bradley Fasulo (C), 18-4.
170: Sebastian Ames (RH) maj. Joseph Shapiro (C), 18-5.
182: Steven Wysocki (C) maj. Bebe Kum (RH), 12-3.
195: Brian Kirby (RH) pin Carlos Lucero (C), 1:43.
220: Logan Kirby (RH) wbf.
285: Cory Daniel (RH) pin Tyler Boettcher (C), 1:56.
106: Matt Shealy (RH) wbf.
113: Adam Miller (RH) wbf.

Howard 38, Centennial 33
126: Jacob Kohen (Ho) dec. Matthew Nickell (C), 9-7.
132: Sam Routt (C) pin Allan Mathew (Ho), 1:48.
138: Dominic Umstot (Ho) dec. Cody Vergel de Dios (C), 7-3.
145: Austin Kraisser (C) wbf.
152: Sameh Boulos (C) pin Jeffrey Hao (Ho), :29.
160: Bradley Fasulo (C) dec. Colin Hawes (Ho), 7-5.
170: Daniel Lee (Ho) dec. Joseph Shapiro (C), 6-4.
182: Steven Wysocki (C) pin Jonathan Rosales (Ho), 1:42.
195: Jared Rodriguez (Ho) tech Carlos Lucero (C), 3:33/21-5.
220: Justin Hipp (Ho) wbf.
285: Tyler Boettcher (C) wbf.
106: Darian Kassiri (Ho) wbf.
113: Kyle Williamson (Ho) wbf.
120: Nicholas Williams (Ho) pin Ammar Narmouq (C), 1:43.

River Hill 68, Howard 12
132: Ryan Erskine (RH) tech Allan Mathew (Ho), 5:01/15-0.
138: Sean Guthier (RH) pin Noah Cincotta (Ho), :40.
145: Jack Connolly (RH) pin Dominic Umstot (Ho), 1:47.
152: Colin Hawes (Ho) pin Zach Beard (RH), 4:44.
160: Brady Daniel (RH) pin Michael Patton (Ho), 4:19.
170: Sebastian Ames (RH) pin Daniel Lee (Ho), 2:09.
182: Jared Rodriguez (Ho) pin Bebe Kum (RH), 4:37.
195: Logan Kirby (RH) pin Justin Hipp (Ho), 1:43.
220: Brian Kirby (RH) wbf.
285: Cory Daniel (RH) wbf.
106: Matt Shealy (RH) pin Darian Kassiri (Ho), 1:13.
113: Adam Miller (RH) dec. Kyle Williamson (Ho), 7-4.
120: Michael Beck (RH) pin Nicholas Williams (Ho), 1:45.
126: Andrew Mahoney (RH) inj. def. Jacob Kohen (Ho).

Glenelg Country 42, Mount Carmel 30
138: Tucker Clay (GC) pin Collin Doran (MC), 3:00.
145: Christian Vinyard (GC) wbf.
152: Eric Wootton (GC) pin Brandon Holeman (MC), :35.
160: Eddie Howlette (GC) pin Ben Kovalick (MC), :28.
170: Reid Chaconas (GC) pin Chris Ashby (MC), 1:51.
182: Demetrius Ravenell (GC) pin Sean Kehs (MC), 1:57.
195: Trae Fenner (MC) pin Junaid Bhatti (GC), :54.
220: Robbie Long (MC) wbf.
285: Jarrett McMillion (MC) dec. Emanuel Curtis (GC), 11-7.
106: Dylan Zomoicla (MC) DQ Raj Malviya (GC).
113: double forfeit.
120: Tyler Zimmerman (MC) dec. Adam Bothwell (GC), 13-9.
126: Douglas Schultz (MC) wbf.
132: Matt Campbell (GC) pin Mike Hollen (MC), 1:24.

Glenelg Country 57, Coppin 12
152: Eddie Howlette (GC) pin Aryan Shaw (Cop), :25.
160: Reid Chaconas (GC) pin Darryon Cephas (Cop), :28.
170: Myron Waters (Cop) pin Brian Hersey (GC), 3:49.
182: double forfeit.
195: Demetrius Ravenell (GC) dec. Andre Purnell (Cop), 6-5.
220: Junaid Bhatti (GC) wbf.
285: Emanuel Curtis (GC) wbf.
106: Raj Malviya (GC) pin William Baker (Cop), 1:05.
113: double forfeit.
120: Rennie Miligan (Cop) wbf.
126: Adam Bothwell (GC) wbf.
132: Matt Campbell (GC) pin Troy Gates (Cop), 1:27.
138: Christian Vinyard (GC) pin Steven Mack (Cop), 1:22.
145: Eric Wootton (GC) pin Chris Mclean (Cop), 3:32.

Glenelg 47, Marriotts Ridge 25

Glenelg 73, Atholton 6

Marriotts Ridge vs. Atholton

Hammond and Long Reach at Reservoir, Postponed

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