30-second timeout with Alli Jakubek, Howard senior catcher

Howard senior catcher Alli Jakubek, a captain for the Lions this spring, has helped her team to a share of first place through the first half of the regular season.

She has played a major role in several of the victories, including delivering the game-winning hit in an early-season win over Broadneck.

She recently took some time out to answer a few questions about some of her interests off the field.

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TV show I can’t miss:

The Office 

My best friends that play on another county team:

Mt. Hebron’s Alii Bluhm; Glenelg’s Grace Daigle, Colleen Regan and Faith Kujawa 

Funniest teammate on twitter:

Taylor McGrann 

Something funny about your coach:

both of our coaches wear eye black for every game and coach chuck gets down with us during our pregame pump up sessions when we play music

Best moment as a high school athlete:

Having the game-winning hit to beat Mt. Hebron last year in the ninth inning

Hobby most people might not know you have:

Collecting Crocs (Alli also sings)

Favorite star athlete:

Ryan Lochte 

Favorite movie:

High School Musical 2 

Sport I’m really bad at:

basically everything except softball and sometimes field hockey but I'm the worst at basketball … like it's embarrassing

Favorite pump up song:

A thousand miles – Vanessa Carlton 

Favorite Celebrity:

Ellen Degeneres 

Favorite place to eat:

Chipotle or any place I have a giftcard for 

TV show you cant stand to watch:

Teen mom 


In a game, I refuse to let anyone else catch the warm-up pitches before an inning starts. I’ve become a master of the quick change.

School you enjoy beating the most:

All of them (except centennial...we wouldn't know how that feels) but if I had to choose one I'd have to say Mt. Hebron

Funniest comedian right now:

Aziz Ansari, he makes me giggle

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