30-second timeout with Luke Cheswick, Glenelg boys lacrosse senior

Entering his senior year, Glenelg’s Luke Cheswick has a chance to help his squad make one final postseason push, capping off an already decorated career.

In accordance with Friday's playoff matchup against Marriotts Ridge at Western Regional Park, the program is celebrating its second annual “Purple Out/Cheese On!” day.

Students in the stands will wear the color in memory of Luke’s older brother, Matthew, who was killed by a drunk driver in 2012. Teammate, and friend, Tommy Chaisson, is spearheading the effort.

As Luke prepares for his final postseason as a member of the Glenelg boys lacrosse team, he took some time to talk about his interests off the field.

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Favorite TV show:

Game of Thrones 

Best moment as high school athlete:

Going to states two years in a row for lacrosse and winning a county championship in football this past fall.

Favorite pump-up song:

Otis, by Jay-Z and Kanye West 

Favorite pro athlete:

LeBron James and Terrell Suggs

Sport I’m really bad at:


Go-to meal after a game:

Anything I can get my hands on. I'm never really that picky after a game, just starving.

Three favorite movies:

Forrest Gump (my favorite). Lord of the Rings, and AnchormanWill Ferrell is the best.

Something funny about my coach:

Well he thinks he's a ninja and makes raptor noises once in a while.

When I grow up I want to:

Hopefully do something that involves sports, anything that I enjoy.

Song that I can’t stand on the radio:

ANY song that the radio plays to no end. I can't stand when I hear it on four stations at a time.

Funniest teammate on Twitter:

My goalie, Landry Marshall. @Durrty_Laundry give him a follow.

School you enjoy beating the most:

River Hill without a doubt. 

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