2013 All-Howard County football, coaches selections

The Howard County football coaches selected the 2013 All-Howard County team on Tuesday night.

Reservoir senior Avian White, who has rushed for more than 1,500 yards and 17 touchdowns this season, was named the Offensive Player of the Year, while Mt. Hebron's Zach Nicholas, with 61 tackles, three fumbles recovered for touchdowns and two interceptions, was named the Defensive Player of the Year.

Offensive Player of the Year: Avian White, Reservoir senior running back

Defensive Player of the Year: Zach Nicholas, Mt. Hebron senior defensive back

First team offense

Quarterback: Tyler Martin, Hammond senior

Running back: Terrell Charles, Howard senior

Running back: Walter Fletcher, Centennial senior

Running back: Jared Jacoby, Glenelg senior

Wide receiver: Byran Barney, Atholton senior

Wide receiver: Dershone Hayman, Oakland Mills senior

Wide receiver: Deandre House, Hammond sophomore

Tight end: Cory Daniel, River Hill senior

Offensive line: Matt Von Neida, Howard senior

Offensive line: Craig Burris, Glenelg senior

Offensive line: David Robbins, Glenelg junior

Offensive line: Anthony Corrao, River Hill senior

Offensive line: Tyler Smith, River Hill junior

Kicker: Alex Potocko, River Hill senior

All-purpose: David Brookhart, Glenelg senior

First team defense

Defensive line: Earl Mackel, Wilde Lake senior

Defensive line: Ron’Dell Carter, Long Reach junior

Defensive line: Jack Dudzinski, Reservoir senior

Defensive line: Logan Kirby, River Hill senior

Linebacker: Sean Davis, Reservoir senior

Linebacker: Jordan Alexander, Glenelg senior

Linebacker: Marty Stevenson, Mt. Hebron senior

Linebacker: Mack Lee, Howard senior

Secondary: Craig Jones, Reservoir junior

Secondary: Damon Reaves, Centennial senior

Secondary: Robert Carter, Long Reach senior

Secondary: Malik Jackson, Wilde Lake senior

Secondary: Luke Cheswick, Glenelg senior

Punter: Neil Caruso, Howard senior

Second team offense

Quarterback: David Pindell, Oakland Mills junior

Running back: Matt Baxter, Glenelg junior

Running back: Kalonji Moore, River Hill senior

Running back: Isaac Murray, Atholton senior

Wide receiver: Devon Groves, Wilde Lake senior

Wide receiver: Chase Conley, Centennial senior

Wide receiver: Brendan Urban, Hammond senior

Wide receiver: Rashawn Curbeam, Oakland Mills junior

Tight end: Austin Mitchell, Reservoir senior

Offensive line: Max Hoffman, Reservoir senior

Offensive line: Tyler Boettcher, Centennial senior

Offensive line: Connor Marcinek, Centennial senior

Offensive line: Peter Emery, Howard senior

Offensive line: Pat Laport, Glenelg senior

Kicker: Alex Paul, Glenelg senior

All-purpose: Quinn Western, Centennial senior

Second team defense

Defensive line: Winston Delattiboudere, Howard junior

Defensive line: Eric Martinez, Howard senior

Defensive line: Antonio Vogt, Mt. Hebron senior

Defensive line: Anthony Saunders, Centennial senior

Defensive line: Deandre Cummings, Hammond senior

Linebacker: Brian Kirby, River Hill junior

Linebacker: Drequan Reed, Hammond senior

Linebacker: Tommy Montag, Long Reach senior

Linebacker: Cyrus Vaughn, River Hill senior

Secondary: Kyle Walker, Howard senior

Secondary: Brandon Anthony, Mt. Hebron senior

Secondary: Eric Skogmo, Marriotts Ridge junior

Secondary: Bryan Gsell, Atholton senior

Punter: Ryan Hassan, Mt. Hebron senior

Honorable mention offense

Quarterback: Chase Sanchez, Marriotts Ridge senior

Quarterback: Kevin Sheahin, Howard junior

Quarterback: Tyler Morris, Centennial senior

Quarterback: Drew Pritchard, River Hill senior

Wide receiver: Josh Bryant, Mt. Hebron junior

Wide receiver: Brent Richardson, Glenelg junior

Wide receiver: Chris Anderson, Mt. Hebron senior

Wide receiver: Dominic Lopes, Reservoir senior

Offensive line: Danny Johnson, Wilde Lake senior

Offensive line: Jeff Chavis, Mt. Hebron senior

Offensive line: John Koh, Reservoir senior

Offensive line: Jeremy Nelson, Hammond junior

Kicker: Nicholas Cooper, Centennial sophomore

Honorable mention defense

Defensive line: Sam Powell, Glenelg senior

Linebacker: Cuinn Mullins, Wilde Lake junior

Linebacker: Brett Schaefer, Howard senior

Linebacker: Austin Kraisser, Centennial sophomore

Linebacker: Austin Dorsey, Marriotts Ridge senior

Linebacker: DeAndre Coles, Oakland Mills junior

Linebacker: Matt Stoughtenger, Hammond senior

Linebacker: Michael Conlan, Long Reach senior

Linebacker: Sam Hulett, Glenelg sophomore

Linebacker: Chris Lipp, Glenelg junior

Linebacker: Grant McMullan, Reservoir senior

Linebacker: Yejun Song, Mt. Hebron junior

Secondary: Matt Marsh, Reservoir junior

Secondary: Andrew Comeau, Hammond junior

Secondary: Malik Davis, Hammond senior

Secondary: Isaiah Stokes, Howard junior

Secondary: Christian Dargan, Howard junior

Secondary: Jamil Campbell, Howard junior

Secondary: Quincy Wilcox, Glenelg senior

Secondary: Caleb Drummer, Hammond senior

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