Court clerk gets 'pretentious' gifts in 1927 [History Matters]

50 Years Ago

Rouse can explain

 "New Date Set For Rouse Talk: The Howard County Citizen's Association announced that James Rouse and William Finley have been re-scheduled to speak Thursday, December 5, in an open meeting at the Ellicott City Junior High School at 8:15 p.m.

"Mr. Rouse and Mr. Finley are members of the Howard Research and Development Corporation that recently announced plans to develop 14,000 acres astride Route 29, The citizens association invites all interested residents to attend."

December 1927

Flowers in the news

"Floral Tributes Presented Mr. Kuhn:

"Howard S. Kuhn, the newly elected clerk of the Howard County Court, was the recipient of a number of handsome floral tributes on the occasion of his being sworn in this Thursday morning and he desires to use this means of expressing his sincere appreciation to those who so kindly remembered him. Among the more pretentious tributes were:

One large basket with card reading: "From Friends in Howard County; large piece from Paul C. Wolman; similar tribute from John H. Shaab; handsome basket from officials and employees of the Woodbine Bank, of which Mr. Kuhn has been an officer for several years; another handsome tribute from Mrs. Anna M. Cook."

I wonder how the donors of flowers liked the writer's description of their offerings as "pretentious."

In other society notices:

From Elkridge: "Miss Ethelyn Mitchell and Mr. Lester Earp visited Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Sanner.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hoffman and daughter were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hoffman.

"Mr. Carl Falkenrecht, of Washington, visited Mr. and Mrs. Slater Bryant.

"Quite a number of young folks gave the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bennett, a regular old fashioned serenade at the home of Mr. Richard R. Bennett, on Friday night."

December 1889


"Charles Davis, night engineer at the C.A. Gambrill Flour Mill of this city, lost the index finger of his right hand while oiling machinery about 5 o'clock Monday morning.

"Mr. John G. Bretherton qualified Wednesday morning as deputy sheriff for Howard County, thus entering upon his seventh term of service. Mr. Bretherton has been in charge of  St. John's Cemetery for twelve years.

"Mr. Nathaniel P. Davis and son-in-law, Lee Peddicord of Hilton, killed four hogs 15 months old and weighing respectively 362, 360, 357, and 387 pounds, total 1,466. they also killed two porkers, 18 months old, weighing 246 and 239 pounds respectively, total 485. These hogs were bred by the well-known hog-breeder of Dayton, Mr. Wm. Peddicord, who has transferred his business to his son Mr. Lee C. Peddicord.

"Dr. R. H. Todd, Messrs Thomas P. Mullineux, Albert Maynard, Nimrod Smith, Daniel Phoebus, Dr. Rhinehart and others passed through Ellicott City Monday evening en route to Westminster as witnesses in the case of Duvall vs. B&O.R.R."

Back then, in a largely agrarian Howard County, 1,400 pounds of pork being slaughtered made for news, but it must have been a really slow news day when people got newspaper copy by just passing through the county.

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