Mary Poppins visits Edmondson Village in 1965 [History Matters]

June 1965

Let's go to the movies

"Movie Calendar:

"Elkridge (Washington Blvd.) Sun.-Tues., 'A Hard Day's Night;' Wed.-Sat., 'The Sword of Ali Baba,' 'The World of Abbott and Costello.'

"Lake (Eldersburg, Md) Sun.-Tues., 'How to Murder Your Wife;' 'Mouse on the Moon.' Wed-Sat. 'Invitation to a Gunfighter,' 'The World of Henry Orient."\'

 "Edmondson Village (Edmonson Village Shop. Ctr.) Sun.-Sat., 'Mary Poppins,' July Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.

 "Victory (Patapsco Ave.) Sun.-Tue., 'The Time Travelers' (C), 'The Day the Earth Caught Fire;' Wed.-Thurs., 'Love Has Many Faces' (C) Lana Turner; Fri.-Sat., 'Battle in Outer Space,' 'Sands of Iwo Jima.'

"Park (165 N. Broadway) Sun- Wed, 'Get Yourself a College Girl,' 'Marnie,' Thurs.-Sat.,  'Johnny Cool,' 'Law of the Lawless.' "

A portion of that 1964 movie, "Marnie," a Hitchcock thriller starring Sean Connery and Tippi Hedren, was filmed in Baltimore.

June 1924

Woolly thinking

"Committee Appointed To Handle Wool for the Members, Market Very Unsteady

"The Farm bureau through the Cooperative Association is planning to conduct their third wool pool, according to A. W. Nichols, Secretary of the County Farm bureau, and a committee with Dr. S.A. Nichols as chairman has been appointed to work out the details for the organization.

"The committee, consisting in addition to Dr. Nichols, of William Talbot, C. C. Adams and George Gardiner, met at the County Agent's office about a week ago and mapped out their plans which varied somewhat from the procedure last year.

"The wool will be sold on sample and delivery made within two weeks after selling. It is felt that this will be a great convenience to the members who have found some difficulty in having their wool ready on a certain day, and yet will give the Cooperative Association a definite amount to sell. Indications point to a much larger amount this year in the pool than last. 7,000 lbs. was pooled last year, which is about one-half the annual clip on the County."

June 1890

Lion Country Safari

"Mr. Royal Phelps Carroll, son of Ex. Gov. John Lee Carroll of this county, who went to Africa some months ago to hunt lions, was among the passengers landed from the steamship Majestic in New York Wednesday. Mr. Carroll was accompanied by William Astor Chanler, a brother-in-law of Amelie Rives Chanler and a cousin of W.W. Astor and Sir Roger Palmer, who was a captain at Balaklava and a scion of one of the noted families of the county Mayo, Ireland. Sir Roger Palmer went up to Niagara. The Americans killed much game and brought back many trophies of the chase.

"Mr. Carroll has given for publication the following account of his adventures:

"I expected to meet Mr. Chanler at Zanzibar, but found on my arrival that he had been up the country shooting and he had gone back to England. Through the kindness of Col. Ewen Smith and Mr. McEwen, a caravan was waiting for me on my arrival at Zanzibar, which was on December 4. There were 200 men in all, their loads were all made up and everything was in readiness for an immediate start.

"Mr. Stanley had just arrived at Zanzibar from the interior, and I spent ten days with him in Col. Smith's house enjoying myself greatly. About the middle of December we got under way and started up the Mombasa.

"We carried to make ourselves agreeable in the natives in the countries we were to pass through, cotton sheeting, beads and much quarter-inch iron wire. I had an interpreter, who was resolute and to whose diplomacy, together with the fact that Mr. Chanler had been a part of the distance before me, I owed much of the ease and comfort of the trip.

"Iron wire is practically the currency of the country. The people use it to make spearheads, there being no iron there. At Taveta, under Mount Kilimanjaro camp which had been left by Mr. Chanler, and I was delighted to see the American flag flying over it. After taking up seventy loads of grain we struck on into the Massi country, following Thompson's route."     

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