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Teachers in county recognized for board certification [Highland/Fulton]

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Many careers such as accounting or civil engineering have certification programs that show the potential employer that the candidate has not only completed the educational requirements (college degree) for the position, but, by completing the certification process, has shown that (s)he can apply the book learning to the job’s everyday tasks.

The teaching profession is no different.

It is a well-known fact that Howard County boasts one of the best educational systems in the entire nation. One reason for this is that many of our teachers, those hearty souls to whom we entrust our children for six-plus hours a day, take on the additional task of getting and maintaining board certification. At the Board of Education’s May 3 meeting, the Howard County Public School System recognized 43 teachers who became certified or renewed their certification.

I’m not going to list all the recipients, you can read about that at the HCPSS web-site. I want to recognize one who teaches within the borders of our Highland/Fulton neighborhoods.

She is Reservoir High School teacher Jennifer Majewski, who teaches secondary English. Congratulations.

This provides a great segue into the next topic- Reserervoir High students that represented their high school at the Maryland National History Day competition.

Yari Armand, Trivikram Battalapalli and David Inko-Tariah presented their project in the group web-site category: “The Biafran War: A Conflict of the Ages;” advisor: teacher Jan Edlowitz.

Helen Fleming and Esha Gupta presented their website project: “Conflict Over Water: The Colorado River Compact;” advisor: teacher Jan Edlowitz.

Alyssa Lee and Disha Sanwal presented their project in the group exhibit category: “A Compromise of Slavery and Racial Division: Jim Crow Laws;”;advisor: teacher Jennifer Coker.

And Nishtha Gupta presented her project in the individual website category: “The Iran Hostage Crisis: The Breaking Point in US-Iran Relations;” advisor: teacher Jennifer Coker. Nishtha also placed second and now advances to the national competition in June. Congratulations and well done!

The Lime Kiln Middle School Lime Lighters students who demonstrated their ability to “ROAR” by being responsible, respectful and academically focused for the week ending April 27 were: Josephine Jackson, Emily Phansaithong, Emma Orlando, Nikhy Nath, Caitriona McDonnell, Nina Omatsola, Camila Mendez, Sophia Brown and Aiai Calmer. For the week ending May 4, the students were: Caitlin Bossle, Caleb Suo, Sasha Debenedictis, Sheila Li, Madison Bloodworth, Benjamin Lee and Erin Regan.

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